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2 December 2010

My Recent Online Shopping Experience....

Hey Lovely people,

I have seriously been taught several valuable lessons over the past few weeks. The most important ones being from my eleven month baby girl, she has demanded time, energy, patience and strength from places I thought my little soul could not reach. Resilience is a Mothers special source of kryptonite and without it I think, well I know my little world would crumble. 
So here's to another month where I will be tested to no limits and expected to kiss every boo boo better, even if I have no idea how it got there or which one of her imaginary shadows have to be put in the naughty corner lol for making her fall. Anyone with hints on how to catch them please let me know :(.

Ok, so I recently made a few online purchases, yes most of them being for my little pudding but this last one was actually for me, Yayyy Me ;).

I am aware many individuals are very dubious about making payments in the virtual world; however a saving grace Mr 'PayPal' to most if not all, is the safest payment method to use for online shopping. I’ve had no troubles with my account thus far and endeavor to continue making payments this way; you should check it out, if you haven't already.

The one purchase I made for myself was from, I am still in shock so bare with me while I emphasize on the 'ONE' lol. 

A few Designs by RebelJewel

I came across @RebelJewel on twitter and like everyone else who follows me (@whYBnews), I try to make a conscious effort to check out their links. So I checked out and was I disappointed, not at all. Did I expect what I was about to view, no I did not! I was very pleased to say the least and what was even more intriguing, were the array of colorful designs only a candy store should provide.

After filling my basket and then snapping back to reality, slowly remembering the amount of pampers and baby milk I have to buy weekly. I purchased the 'Green Half Hoop earring & Bracelet set' and on arrival (prompt delivery might I add) I couldn't wait to whip them out and try them on. Now as a regular high street consumer, there are several attributes I look for when making any purchase, especially when it comes to jewellery.                                                 
 'Green Half hoop earrings & Bracelet set' 

Presentation being the main selling point, quality, durability, how versatile is the product, can it be used for different occasions, how it feels on (fit) and yes it has got to be in my eyes, great value for money.

So Did they meet my expectations? Why yes they did, very sturdy, like for like from what was pictured on her site, easy to put on and very well crafted. A real bonus is the added reassurance that IF I was not satisfied or something went wrong with the product, I could feel free to return said items and receive a full refund or exchange (worn earrings for health and safety reasons are not included, understandably so). 

They even came with a cute little business card and on further inspection presented a code entitling me to a small discount off of my next purchase as a good will gesture. As a female consumer this is such a unique touch and definitely one which will encourage me to return for future buys.

These are just a few reasons as to why those conscious environmentalists prefer to buy handmade, rather than manufactured products from large assembly lines. Why not go ahead and check her out, what do you have to lose? Nothing if you ask me. X-Mas is around the corner, so why not treat a loved one, friend, family member or someone you have lost contact with and just want to show you care. What a cool way to say I Love You and in the same breath saving the environment by dealing with FairtradeYou will also be showing appreciation for the hard work that individuals such as RebelJewel put into their work when trying to educate others with their unique designs and dedication. 

I would definitely recommend this site to everyone, there are so many designs to rock any time of day and any event. Most of which you can use to bring out the best in a special outfit and the fact that they are uniquely made (one off designs), you will not be saying "Oh SnAp" to another due to wearing the exact same piece only due to it being a superb 'RebelJewelhand crafted, eco and environmentally friendly creation.

To all the fellas, after some enquires I have been told on the grapevine that you too will soon be able to purchase your very own RebelJewels. So if you thought only Beyonce could upgrade you, you have another thing coming. Keep Posted For More Info....

I have added a few other links where you can find @RebelJewel's work, so feel free to check them out also. I must admit, after my little research I have converted to ONLY hand made jewellery and will be singing this from my roof top. Ok, once the snow stops and the biting cold stops eating at my tootsies. 


Take Care people, remember the end of the year is close so, Forgive quickly, Love fast, grow up, mature like Stilton and always remember 'Diligence' is Key! Blessings to you all ;0).
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