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7 November 2010

X-Factor or Fix-Factor

Ok, so from the start of X-factor, I was like wow what a choice of acts. Even more surprising was Gamu not being put through, upset is an understatement but there is still hope for her and Always next year. Gamu, keep your head up girl, keep singing and remember you have a huge following already, who love and truly support you.

Sunday 31st of October 2010: Tonight's show was absolutely amazing. We were wowed by: the Great Bon Jovi, who I just admire to no limits. You are totally awesome Mr Jovi and all the best for your live concert next year June 25th @ London’s Hyde Park, if you do not have tickets now, go GET YOU some from: HARDROCKCALLING.CO.UK
The honest & humble Jamiroquai, who apparently was a bit dubious about appearing on the show, like WHY? Talentless bunch of judges I assume lol, oh no, did I just write that ;). & I absolutely Loved Rihanna's performance, the cake at the end did sweet her lol but at least it showed her beautiful personality has not changed.

I must admit the only acts that stood out for me were; Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, Mary Byrne, Matt without his hat Cardle lol and Tracy Cohen. Who might I add has set the Tweeting nation ablaze due to her curvaceous figure and singing vocals of course. Or for @KojoTweets the comedian, her arse 'YeahISaidIt', 'SaySomeThing' lol. She is definately re-lighting his fire, like week after week ;).

About time & Rightly so, Belle Amie got sent home. I'm like, how did they last so very long? or what....

Is it me or was there some serious favoritism on yesterdays Fix-Factor? Saturday 6th November 2010: there were some great performances, especially by Paije Richardson, who was just the dogs bollocks might I add. He sang those tracks with a look in his eye that said, this is me, I am talented and you WILL listen. Heeyyy Yaahhh, Loved it!

Mary Byrne you ROCK and I have nothing more to say. This woman is an inspiration to all & "I Love Youuu". Born to sing is an understatement Lou.

Rebecca Ferguson, I think being compared to Leona Lewis could start to become frustrating. You are two different individuals who clearly have different vocal ability, look similar. Ok I think I have to agree with that slightly but you ROCK, difference and uniqueness. Keep shining ;).

Matt Cardle, punch up with your track bleeding love. The irony lol, Mr Cowell you are like a classical comedy with no jokes hahaha. However, you done great this week and last week Matt. keep your head up and stay diligent, brilliant performance indeed.

Trecy Cohen, this girl can sing and you are definitely going places. The lion comment personally needs to be re-worded me thinks. 

Aiden Grimshaw, though I believe you are so misunderstood, you are very talented and it will take time you don't have for people or should I say 'The Judges' to realise this.

Cher Lloyd, good song choice but still not sure why, I mean I heard your reason for choosing but still a little baffled. Performance last week was raw and very emotional to watch, great job. Still not sure if the fix is for you to win but if so, I won't be disappointed at all.

Katie Waissel needs to go home, no hard feelings. Maybe in theatre but not every day on my soap box, Please! I think I will just have to abandon all music channels if that happens.

Wagner, oh Vagner. What on earth is Lou thinking, or is he thinking at all? He doesn't even get your name right, like not once, even after being told and re-told :o?. I think your being taken for a muppet on this show mate, sorry but it’s true. Not even Simone (always something to say) had anything to say; "Your A Trier" like what kind of response is that?? Then to top it off he compares you to a ferris wheel lol. You either like him or not, let's just try being honest or shutting the hell up!

One Direction, don't remember you guys, might be lack of Like-Factor. Or zest needed to stand out in my forever burdened memory bank :(. So I guess only direction is home :( taking whatever sunshine Mr Cowell sees with you.

Who will win this year, is yet to be told but I know who is on my top list of very talented acts who deserve to win. 

Who is going home tonight Sunday 7th November 2010, I'll await in anticipation....

And the winner is? *ShockedSmilyFace* Katie Waissel, I am SOOO Confused, this is just unreal :(((((

Errmm, Katie dear, screaming at the audience and public to not give up on you is not going to cut it in my book. What on earth is this world coming to? This is like a repeat of the first set of auditions :(... Is that really singing, because I am starting to think these judges are on the special candy. 

In any case, Trecy Cohen got sent home. Cheryl Cole refused to vote and Lou Walsh jumped right on Simon Cowells back with pick fork in tow. Sorry Trecy, you still you ROCK! In my eye. Imagine being sent home, not because you did not have the best voice but purely on someone's opinion on whether you will sell or not...

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