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1 November 2010

Back in Action....

Ok, so it has been a minute and what a wonderful array of events last month bought us all. To all those who took part in Black His-Story Month, I thank you for not allowing those who have clearly made a huge impact on us all, go unnoticed and unacknowledged. To those who took time out to attend such events, I hope you all took something home with you and that you found it insightful.

So, yesterday was Halloween, I actually had NOT one trick or treat participant knock my door :0(. Like is my area that dark, why yes it is lol. And to top that off, they are laying new pipe work down and so the roads have been dug up, re-filled and cornered off. Does it make for easy access, I seem to be wiping my brow and sighing a sigh of relief. 
Like really, I just do not see me running to the door all open arms, tray of sweets in tow, ready to gift the little buggers who have clearly disturbed me and excited my little girl to the point where she no longer thinks she has to go back to bed.

In any case, to all those parents who took their children out, Kudos to you all and I truly hope you had as much fun as they did. These are memories they will cherish for a lifetime to come and it will be the main topic of discussion in the playgrounds throughout this week.

So parents, pat yourselves on the back and here's to Friday 5th lol. It just never ends, after this is Christmas and imagine they have already started with the decorations in some stores. They really believe us parents live breath and sleep spending sprees. Ooh heck, who am I kidding? My x-mas list is already prepared and I too have already bought a few gifts for my loved ones ;) Good Times is my new phrase.

I will be keeping you all abreast on a few local events to attend, as and when I get a definite confirmation from my sources. This will include the bonfire night specials around London. To all those overseas, please feel free to add in the comment/question box below any events you may want to promote. Whether you’re own or a town, borough, neighbour bonfire gathering etc...

Take care & Be Safe....

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