14 June 2011

Growing & Learning, while Life gets in the Way...

There’s a time in a young woman’s life where she has to search for that ‘THING’ to help get her going again. My ocean lost its continuity, its mojo, its spark – whatever you want to call it, for a moment I lost myself.

Everyday is a lesson and my toughest one to date is learning to be a mother. Which if I might add is like attending a lecture on ‘rowing’- (an example), even though every lecture starts off the same, they become a tad confusing after the first five minutes. Leaves you tired and restless, confused and bewildered and you end up more frustrated and lost. However, on the contrary, the satisfaction is greater as each day passes. The Love, devotion, adoration, growth – (Note: I could go on) elevates one to a level of emotions you would not believe possible.

I have kept my eyes and ears opened nonetheless; I have been impressed with so many up and coming UK acts Loick Essien, E Dot Kid, Jamie Woon, Liam Bailey and Jareth – to name a FEW.. As well as those in the United States, the amount of talent around the world on a whole is just uplifting. We are a creative world, a colourful globe of creative expression.

With that said and seen as its minutes after midnight, I will have to retire. Sleep is ultimately very important when it comes to maintaining good holistic health.

Lots of Love to ALL my subscribers, New visitors and to all of you who have been an inspiration along my blogging journey. You install belief, courage and definitely keep me grounded.

To my little girl, Mummy Loves you Loads xx

Blessings, Love, Joy & Progressive GROWTH.... 


...Rebel Jewel

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